Tarieven container verschepen
Container shipping rates

Container shipping rates

Information about the rates for shipping a container can be found here. The lowest rates for shipping a sea container possible.

Shipping a container

If you want to transport goods abroad, the price of that transport will depend on several factors. But apart from that, it is nice to know that our rates for shipping containers are always the lowest. We are able to do this because we can always work very efficient and find the way of transport that fits your shipment best. This way we can always ship a container cheaply, no matter what the content or destination is. And of course the price is always including getting all the required customs papers, so you don't have to worry about anything anymore.

·         Always find the lowest container shipping rates

·         Import to the Netherlands and export to any foreign location

·         Faster transport? Then we can arrange an airfreight shipment

·         Price includes all additional work, such as important customs documents

·         Get a personal quote today if you contact us now

AEO certified

The right price-quality ratio

Our AEO certification guarantees a good price-quality ratio. In addition, the chance of unnecessary delays at customs is considerably smaller. We can also quickly draw up the required documents, such as an import declaration.

Fast, tailor-made quote

Want to know today at what price we can transport your cheap sea freight? Get in touch with us now. We will send you a tailor-made offer as soon as possible.

Non-binding quote

The lowest container shipping rates guaranteed

Because we always adapt the way of shipping to the load, we can work in a cost effective way. We often use FCL transport for large shipments, but we can always combine several smaller shipments using LCL or groupage transport. This way you never pay too much for your transport.

But that does not mean you have to settle for less quality. We can ship a container in a quick and cost effective manner because we have years of experience and an extensive network. Together with our many certifications, this guarantees a low price on the one hand and flawless transport of top quality on the other. And with us, one phone call is always enough, because we take care of the entire logistics process.

Low ocean freight rates

Whether you want to transport business goods, import to the Netherlands or do a cross-trade, there are always reasons to use sea transport. And whatever the reason for your transport, you always want to be sure of cheap sea freight.

With us, you always pay the lowest sea freight prices. Whether it is a transport of a full 20 ft. or 40 ft. sea container, or an efficient groupage transport for a small quantity of goods. And of course, the rental of the sea container is always included in the price. Also with a special High Cube container or other form of storage. Just like many other things, such as arranging important customs documents. We call this a total relaxation in the area of transport and logistics.

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