Export declaration
Export declaration

Export declaration

TTS TransOcean ensures that all necessary documents are arranged. One of these documents may be an export declaration. If you are going to export goods outside the EU, you will almost always have to deal with an export declaration.

Export declaration

Anyone who has ever exported goods to countries outside the EU knows that there is more to it than meets the eye. For example, obtaining and completing important customs documents. The export declaration is perhaps the most important example of this. Because customs wants to know exactly which goods are leaving or entering a country, this document is absolutely necessary to make sure your transport runs smoothly. And because it can be difficult for a layman to fill it in correctly, it is very pleasant to know that we have our own customs department that can take care of this for you.

Our customs services:

  • Your export declaration always correctly completed by our own customs department
  • All customs documents arranged, including EUR.1 documents or CvO
  • Outsource the entire logistics process to experts with a great deal of experience
  • Any destination in the world within reach with your sea freight transport
  • Want to receive a customised quote today? Get in touch now

The advantages of a regular export declaration

Everyone who works in the world of logistics knows the importance of customs documents. If your Community goods leave the EU, then an export declaration is of the utmost importance. For example for the consequences for the VAT, but also to get goods into a country in an easy way. We fill in the customs documents completely digitally and have a direct connection with Customs. This enables us to submit your declaration quickly and efficiently. This way we prevent delays to your sea freight. We take care of your customs documents, regardless of the size of your shipment. Whether it is an FCL sea freight or an LCL groupage shipment.

On the export declaration we state the weight, the price and the country of destination. This is done completely digitally so that your overseas transport does not lose any time. And if customs wants to know more about the goods afterwards, we will of course take care of it.

AEO certified

The right price-quality ratio

Our AEO certification guarantees you a good price-quality ratio. In addition, the chance of unnecessary delays at customs is considerably smaller. This also allows us to prepare your export declaration quickly and without problems.

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