AEO certified
AEO certified

AEO certified

TTS TransOcean is AEO certified. This guarantees high quality at an affordable price. Ask one of our specialists for more information about our AEO certificate.

TTS TransOcean, AEO certified

An AEO certificate is a quality mark awarded to organisations which have proven over a longer period of time to be trustworthy to international customs services. This means that transports, for example with sea freight, that are carried out by these organisations have to meet fewer requirements. Because we are AEO certified this could also apply to your goods. In practice this means that there is less chance that your goods will stand a long time at the customs. Of course this does not mean that we will transport just anything. Because our own quality demands also apply to the transport of your goods. But you can always benefit from that.

  • Simplified customs requirements on your goods through our AEO certificate
  • Guarantee of working with an organisation with a perfect reputation
  • We meet the requirements, your transport benefits
  • Any destination in the world easily reached by sea freight
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We are AEO certified, a sure factor for you

When you need sea freight to transport your goods across the world, of course you want to be able to rely on a reliable partner. Because there is a lot involved in international transport. The reputation and drive for quality of such a partner can mainly be gauged from a number of important certificates and quality marks.

One of these is an AEO certificate, which ensures that your goods can be transported easily between different countries. Of course we are AEO certified. Just like we are in possession of many other certificates and quality marks. And of course, you are able to benefit from that. Simply by letting us carry out your sea transport. We'll also take care of all the peripheral matters for you, so that you can get on with your own work after just one phone call.

AEO certified

The right price-quality ratio

Our AEO certification guarantees you a good price-quality ratio. In addition, the chance of a delay at customs is considerably smaller.

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