Import declaration

Import declaration

TTS TransOcean ensures that all necessary documents are arranged. One of these documents may be an import declaration. If you are going to import goods from outside the EU, this is almost always mandatory.

Import declaration

If you are importing goods from a non-EU country, it is almost certain that you will have to fill in an import declaration. The form shows information on the value of your cargo, which is important for the tax authorities, for example. Because this is one of the many official customs documents, it is important to fill in this document completely and correctly. But if you do not have any experience with it, this can be a difficult job. Do you also prefer to outsource the import declaration to people who know all about doing so? Then you have come to the right place at TTS TransOcean. Our own customs department will take care of this for you. If you place your sea freight with us, we will take care of the clearance of your goods without effort.

·         Completely digitally processed declaration

·         To be used for import of goods from all countries

·         Important customs documents to be completed correctly

·         In case of export of goods we will also fill in the export declaration for you.

·         Contact us now to receive a personal quote today

AEO certified

The right price-quality ratio

Our full AEO certification guarantees a good price-quality ratio. In addition, the chance of delays at customs is significantly smaller. This also allows us to prepare your import declaration quickly and without problems.

The convenience of a completed import declaration

When we arrange ocean freight for you, there are three important factors: the price, the reliability of our organisation and the way we do all the work. We can be brief about the first, with us you always pay the lowest rates. You can gain confidence from our long list of satisfied customers and the quality marks and certificates we have obtained.

The fact that we also take the work off your hands is obvious: we do not only take care of the transport, but also arrange everything that comes with it. For example, all customs documents, such as the import or export declaration. This means that you not only save a lot of money on your transport, but also don't lose any time. We call that total unburdening.

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