LCL – Less than Container Load

LCL – Less than Container Load Sea Freight

If you thought that sea freight was only suitable for large cargoes, then you are wrong. By working efficiently and combining several small shipments with each other, we can also transport your small quantity of goods by ship. This is also called LCL transport (less than container load). Combining multiple shipments is called consolidation. This way of transportation ensures that you can save a lot of money, without it costing you more effort. Because we ensure that the entire process runs smoothly. This makes sea freight with LCL transport very easy!

  • Always LCL transport at the lowest ratesLCL less than container loadWe take care of the entire process of groupage transport for you.
  • The packaging, labelling and consolidation are also regulated immediately.
  • Your sea freight with LCL to any destination in the world
  • Receive a quote today if you contact us now.

Exploiting the global market with your LCL transport

Whatever destination you want to reach in the world, or from where you want to import goods, we can always provide a groupage transport. We pick up the goods from you, package and label them so that it is always clear what goes with your load, and then make sure that they are put together with other loads in the right sea container. We can directly book the right cargo space with the shipping company or consolidator, so that the transport can start immediately.

Once your sea freight with LCL has arrived at its destination, your goods will again be separated from the other shipments and can be delivered to your customer. This way you share the costs of the transport, while it does not cost you any effort. Because we take care of the entire groupage transport for you!

Direct contact

Do you want to ship a sea cargo with LCL? Contact us now and we will send you a personal quote today. And is any other form of transport even cheaper? Then, of course, we will let you know.



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