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Sea freight to/from Thailand

Although most people know Thailand as a tropical resort, it is also a country where many entrepreneurs do business. It therefore makes perfect sense for us that we regularly have sea freight brought to Thailand or that we import from Asia. We do it mainly to relieve our customers, because getting a sea container to Thailand is quite a challenge. But not for us, because our specialists know exactly what it takes to ship a container. And because of our many years of experience and large network, shipping a container with us is always the cheapest.

  • Sea freight to Thailand at the lowest rates
  • The address for efficient FCL, LCL and groupage transports to Asia
  • Every destination is reachable, and always within a short time.
  • All additional matters, such as customs documents, are also directly included.
  • You can receive a personal quote for your transport today .

Save money and no worries with a sea freight to Thailand

We don’t have to beat about the bush, shipping a container through us has two important advantages. The first is that it does not take any effort to bring a sea container to Thailand. After a phone call we get to work for you and you can continue with your own work.

Secondly, we can always offer the lowest rates by planning efficiently and taking your cargo into account. For example, if you are transporting a small load, we may be able to combine it with other goods in order to save on transport costs. And does your cargo fill a complete sea container? Then our network will provide the lowest costs. And of course we also make sure that all customs documents are taken care of directly for you. Total relief in the area of logistics, we call that.

Direct contact

Do you want to ship a container to Thailand and still know what the cost is today? Please contact us immediately. We’ll get to work for you right away.

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